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Needing the comforts of home when guests traveled was on its way to knocking on the door of hotels across the nation. After the effects of a nationwide lockdown, this diverted into a fast-track demand. With the decrease in cable-based technology and the rise of wireless devices, hotel guests are looking for ways to increase their comfort in streaming. Many individuals prefer to watch their favorite Netflix shows and movies or listen to music by simply casting their content directly onto hotel TVs. To provide guests with an easy, seamless viewing experience, companies should consider employing hotel casting solutions.

Guests these days have hundreds of over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms to choose from on their own devices with their own password security. Hotel casting ensures that guests do not have to recall passwords or log in to their accounts on public devices, so TV casting solutions are a safe and intuitive avenue for revolutionizing the hotel entertainment experience.

What Are Hotel Casting Solutions or Hospitality Casting Solutions?

Essentially, casting technology allows content from an external device, such as a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, to be shown or “cast” onto a TV screen for viewers to interact with. Content is projected from one digital appliance to another, all done wirelessly. Once media is successfully cast, users can then program the device directly on the TV as opposed to the mobile device. This promotes accessibility and versatility in the available content options a hotel guest can consume. At Allbridge we believe in the opportunity to connect, allowing guests to view wanted content on a wider, shareable screen builds connection between family and friends – a comfort of home that can no longer be missed.

How Is Casting Different from Other TV Solutions (Like Streaming)?

Streaming and casting are both great solutions for enriching the hotel guest experience, but they differ in several ways. Casting allows for the enjoyment of all content and is not restricted to streaming services only. To stream content means to view or listen to any type of content that isn’t downloaded on a device. Streaming essentially refers to consuming in media real-time on certain OTT platforms. These can include video streaming services, like HBO and Netflix, and music streaming services, such as Apple Music or Spotify. While guests can use casting technology to stream content, they can also cast any applicable digital format onto TV screens, even downloaded content and non-media websites.

Hotel Casting Solutions Increase the Possibilities

Notably, casting solutions are commonly used for presenting personalized media on hotel TV screens via streaming services. Guests can intuitively follow instructions on platforms such as YouTube and Hulu to watch content on hotel TVs, all without the need to enter private information. Aside from these services, hotel residents can also cast pre-downloaded video files like movies unavailable on streaming platforms — the options are limitless and depend on the range of a guest’s digital library.

Guests don’t have to stick with videos when using hotel casting solutions, though. They can also surf the web with browsers like Google Chrome, Bing, and Safari, which allows travelers to easily locate tourist attractions, check for affordable restaurant options, and strategize travel plans without the inconvenience of a small screen. Moreover, hotel residents who seek to work and collaborate professionally in their rooms can cast emails, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. This feature streamlines a professional’s workflow, with both online services like Google Suite and offline platforms such as Microsoft Office, erasing the need for a second display.

How Can Hotels Begin Implementing Hotel Casting Solutions?

To provide hotel guests with the possibility of TV casting, companies must set suitable accommodation and up-to-date technology in place. First, hoteliers must install TV casting devices in rooms, which they can do through either built-in units or external casting devices. Some smart TVs do provide pre-installed casting capabilities, particularly new models from Sony and Vizio, which allow guests to stream content instantly. However, many units do not allow built-in casting. With this, hotels can also invest in plug-in casting gadgets. Allbridge employs a Chromecast device, which can easily be connected to commercial-grade TVs via an HDMI port.

Hotel companies must also secure a strong internet connection to supply the bandwidth needed for seamless casting. Guests will need stable Wi-Fi networks to link their gadgets to the casting device as well as to stream online content. Often, casting will also require a connection that supports multiple devices all at once. Thus, a hotel must have sufficiently powerful Wi-Fi networks to allow its residents to switch through HD and 4K channels with relative ease.

Unique Features of Allbridge Casting Solutions

Allbridge makes use of an external Chromecast casting device to allow guests to display content on their TV screens while avoiding the remote. Hoteliers can be assured of minimal impact on network infrastructure, as the device enables staff to manage device access and monitor resident usage yet keeps individual guest privacy intact. Allbridge provides a unique guest experience and allows wireless streaming on multiple platforms, including Netflix, HBO, Spotify, Hulu, YouTube, and many more. Guests who seek privacy in consuming personal media will greatly benefit from this — no additional logins or prompts for entering confidential information are required.

How Does Allbridge Casting Work?

Guest areas optimized with Allbridge allow guests to begin casting with an easy two-step setup. Once connected to the hotel management’s Wi-Fi connection, smart devices will instantaneously detect the Chromecast found in the room. Most media streaming applications are included with a casting button. By toggling this casting option, the content being displayed on a guest’s personal device will automatically be presented on the TV screen. Users can then easily switch to different media at their own discretion. Allbridge is an intuitive TV casting solution, and the service is available for both Apple and Android devices for increased adaptability.

Benefits of Allbridge Hospitality Casting Solutions

Casting from a personal device is greatly shaping entertainment strategies for hotel management. With Allbridge Entertainment, both hoteliers and guests can benefit from this quick and secure way of content streaming.

For Hoteliers and Management Staff

To begin with, Allbridge Entertainment is highly cost-efficient. Owners and managers do not need to adjust their existing TV setups or make changes to their Wi-Fi equipment — all they need is a Chromecast device for guests to begin casting content to TV screens. Allbridge Entertainment can integrate with the present hotel solutions to lower fees and increase the return on investment by making more entertainment options available to guests.

Our hospitality property technology also promotes business security by making sure that hotel management and staff can safely gain insight into guest usage without compromising user privacy. With this, hoteliers can stabilize the integrity of their networks, preventing cybersecurity risks overall. Lastly, Allbridge Entertainment casting solutions employs minimal equipment and ends the need for bulky streaming devices.

For Guests

Allbridge Entertainment casting solutions maximize guest satisfaction in several ways. First, TV casting options offer guests the choice to stream whatever content they want, whenever they want. Nowadays, with the extensive variety of movies and TV shows available, individuals have different preferences as to which media they choose to consume. TV casting solutions allow hotel residents to do away with scheduled programming and control what they wish to watch.

Moreover, casting with Allbridge can deliver the familiarity of home to guests who are traveling to unfamiliar destinations. For international tourists, it can be intimidating to stay in a new area with a vastly different culture. With this, our casting solutions make sure that guests can watch or listen to content in the language they’re most comfortable with. Aside from this, an easy two-step connection to the TV device in the room allows the streaming experience to be effortless and comfortable.

Compatibility of Allbridge Entertainment with Other Hospitality Property Technology

For hoteliers interested in augmenting their edge in the realm of in-room entertainment, Allbridge offers an extensive array of other entertainment choices to meet a property’s personal needs. These applications can easily be integrated with Allbridge to maximize gains and increase overall guest satisfaction.

First, Allbridge offers expansive entertainment options through HD & 4K Content. With hundreds of channels from DIRECTV to choose from, guests can easily cast the best original movies, series, and sports programs directly onto their TV screens. Allbridge will engineer a solution geared toward a hotel’s technical specifications and overall budget to give access to customizable channel lineups and, at the same time, integrate with Allbridge OTT & Casting.

Allbridge also provides a wide variety of commercial-grade televisions with full-service installation. For hospitality properties, pairing Allbridge Entertainment with our TV sets is a smart choice as it overall simplifies the entertainment solution by having one provider upgrade the complete video experience. Our Samsung commercial TVs are accompanied by promotions and service discounts, maximizing recreational features and optimizing guest comfort.

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Allbridge Entertainment is a multifunctional solution that allows hotel guests and residents to stream whatever media they want without the hassle of remembering and inputting private account credentials. A Chromecast device eliminates the need for an external remote control and expensive cable subscriptions — guests are given freedom over their desired media, which increases overall satisfaction by making them feel at home. Enjoy an easy, affordable way to maximize investments while reinforcing cybersecurity through Allbridge Casting.

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