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Experience the Future of Hospitality TV

Allbridge provides the latest entertainment technology for TV solutions in the hospitality field. With a mission to advance consumer technology, Allbridge has made it uncomplicated for hospitality businesses to match the standards of consumers.

TV Solutions in the Hospitality Industry

As the leading provider of TV solutions in the hospitality industry, Allbridge connects clients with the best in-room entertainment for their guests and provides digital signage and internet management platforms. With an extensive network of partners in the hospitality industry, Allbridge is ready to provide tailor-made solutions for individual properties and accomplished hotel groups looking to build their TV solutions.

These days, hotel guests will expect to be treated to a luxurious and lavish in-room experience that will make them feel at home. This includes access to multi-source content and ways to keep them connected online. Allbridge delivers RF and IPTV technology solutions that work end-to-end for a fully engaging interactive experience. Allbridge will manage the entire process, from design to installation and customer support.

Using the latest and greatest in hotel TV technologies, along with the right IT solutions, hotel guests will be able to enjoy ultramodern systems for their TVs along with streamed content.

LG TV Solutions

Most Ideal for Advanced Hotel Solutions

LG’s Pro: Centric TV allows guests to confidently use this advanced solution, which offers customization options and flexibility. This solution is designed to bring a 5-star hotel experience through TVs that carry out quick reboot times and custom dashboards that offer useful resources to make each guest’s stay welcoming.

LG also implements Pro: Centric Direct, a hotel management solution for content that offers easy-to-use editing tools, where a single click can deliver IP network-based remote management. This solution allows users to easily edit their interface through wide customization options and effectively manage every TV inside a room.

Using their latest PCD processor, the Pro: Centric TV can provide in-room control that’s based on IoT (Internet of Things), along with a voice control function using LG’s LG Natural Language Processing (NLP). Both voice-related and IoT functions are the first steps toward bringing hotels closer to the next generation of artificial intelligence.

LG also launched the latest version of its Quick menu, which makes it easier than ever to navigate TV screens. This home menu solution has been given a major upgrade through the addition of its new Hotel Promotional Video Creation Tool.

Users can use the Quick Manager to easily distribute information throughout one network without the need f\or a USB cloning function or a server. As a result, it’s the perfect solution for making stand-alone scenes.

Top Hospitality TV Solutions and Displays

Hospitality TV solutions are always evolving and it can be hard to keep up with innovative technology. Every year, TVs are getting smarter, slimmer, and more capable of delivering a convenient and more immersive experience.

Without the help of experts, it’s almost impossible to come up with the right solutions for hotel businesses and hospitality properties. Business owners looking to give an in-home experience for their recreational and business travelers will need to set up something that’s both easy and familiar for their hotel TVs.

Our team of specialists at Allbridge can help hotels find the solution they need to provide the best in-home experiences without any of the issues associated with advanced technology. Every TV system provided by Allbridge will have the following features:

  • Commercial-grade warranty on LG TVs for two years
  • A welcome page that introduces the property to guests once they turn the TV on
  • A panel lock and volume limiter
  • An adjustable swivel and anti-theft base
  • USB clone programming
  • Installation menu for configuring hotel TV settings

Hospitality TV Solutions: Getting Started

Many hotels are opting to purchase SMART or IP-based TVs to keep up with increasing consumer demands for entertainment. For properties looking to utilize technologically advanced hotel TVs, it’s highly recommended to work with experts who can diagnose whether the hotel is ready to make the switch.  

Allbridge is the leading team when it comes to the best hospitality TV solutions. Our team can gather the necessary details for the switch, such as:  

  • Cabling
  • Bandwidth
  • Content provider
  • And more

No matter what a hotel might be looking for — whether it’s a slim TV, the most advanced technology TV, or a basic hospitality TV solution — Allbridge has the right experts to help. With years of experience in the industry, we’re eager to share our knowledge and help connect hotels to the right solutions for their property.  

How Allbridge Can Help

Your Show, Your Way 

Chromecast is a trademark of Google LLC and is a popular and straightforward way for hotel guests to watch content from their own devices using a hotel TV, which delivers a true home-away-from-home experience. Allbridge provides casting solutions optimized for the hospitality industry.  

  • Designed to be used securely and seamlessly in a guest stay environment, Allbridge Entertainment allows guests to easily and seamlessly stream their content on the TV. 

Customizable Guest Interface 

Using Allbridge, hotels can use interactive TV systems to turn their hospitality TV into one of the most powerful and informative marketing tools available. Because these are remotely managed and fully customizable, these high-quality systems can help elevate the usual guest experience while enhancing the hotel’s overall operations.  

As technology advances throughout the world, so do the branches of embedded functionalities. Thanks to our IP-based solutions, we can offer more features, which include:  

  • Smart apps 
  • Two-way communication 
  • IT system integration 
  • PMS integration for a personalized guest experience Systems created by Allbridge will come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing us to cater to both hotel brands and boutique hotels. 

Maximize Hotel Efficiency 

To centralize content management, streamline operations and services, and simplify communication within their back-of-house, Allbridge helps hotels leverage the technology in digital displays.  

Better Content Management 

Thanks to Allbridge, content management for hotels is now much more cost-effective and easier to use, no matter how many TV displays there are in the establishment. Through an all-in-one platform, hotel managers can update and control various displays across the whole system.  

Unique Remote Monitoring 

  • Allbridge’s content management system (CMS) and allows for the remote monitoring of all devices while eliminating the need to have on-site calls. Allbridge’s turnkey solution includes installation, integration, and supply of hotel TVs. We know that every hotel’s needs are unique, so we deliver a range of options that will be a suitable fit for each property. From a full-featured IPTV Entertainment solution to a standard Free to Guest TV installation, Allbridge can help to deliver any hotel’s vision. 

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