Allbridge Casting

Allbridge Casting utilizes a Chromecast device in the guest room, providing guests with the ability to stream content the same way they do at home. With managed access to the cast devices, there is minimal impact to the existing network infrastructure, and staff can monitor guest usage while maintaining guest privacy.

  • Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, and more
  • Intuitive guest experience
  • Wireless streaming
  • Simple two-step setup
  • Guest privacy protection
  • Available for Apple and Android devices

How does it work?

Smart devices automatically detect the Chromecast in the guest room once they are connected to your property’s Wi-Fi. Most media apps include a casting button. By pressing this button, the media on the guest’s device will automatically begin to play on the TV.


How does this benefit guests?

Casting is the quickest, simplest, and most secure way for guests to access their own content on the guest room television. With casting, there is no login required on the television – any media that can be accessed from a guest’s device can be projected directly to the television with no extra steps.

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