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Data, Video, Voice Solutions for Hospitality


Allbridge is the single partner who can deliver all in-room technologies to enhance the guest experience.

Data, Video, Voice Solutions for Senior Living

Senior Living

Allbridge provides simple, seamless entertainment for residents and secure, user-friendly Wi-Fi connectivity.

Data, Video, Voice Solutions for Healthcare


Allbridge provides simple, seamless entertainment for patients and secure, user-friendly Wi-Fi connectivity.

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70+ Converged Network Terms and FAQs

As you begin to search for new technology solutions you’ll come across a lot of unfamiliar terms, so we’ve compiled a list of terms and FAQs you can reference for data, video, and voice technologies.

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Few services are as critical to your customer experience as the quality of your network. Give your customers the fast, reliable, and easily accessible connection they expect.

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Data - Wi-Fi Network and GPNS Solutions for Hotels


The content and delivery methods your customers expect today are as varied as the customers themselves. We deliver quality content and a seamless TV experience to best suit your property.

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IPTV, streaming, and casting video solutions


Family, friends, and customer service from your property should never be more than a few rings away. We provide cloud and premise-based phone systems as well as innovative approaches to bring voice technology to the 21st century.

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Hosted voice and on-premise voice solutions


  • “They did what it took to get us open and get us ready. Calling Bob (VP Global Sales, Allbridge) at 1 AM to tell him we need to open the hotel in 7 hours and the Internet is not working – those are times that are nerve wracking, but they also establish the relationship that we have.”

    Javier Egipciaco - Managing Director, Arlo Hotels
  • “It’s not about selling product and moving on – they have a strong support network post-install. They really care about their customers.”

    Gustaf Burman - Montage Hotels & Resorts
  • “They won the business on the quality of their engineers. When they did the cutover, there was literally less than an hour of downtime dealing with hundreds of rooms and TVs.”

    Chuck McDevitt - Director, a regional health system
  • “I think above all else, we’re looking for somebody who believes that they’re a partner with us in this – super responsive and supportive, who care just as much about the ongoing performance and expectation as the initial installation. Allbridge has proven themselves time and time again to be a fantastic partner from an innovation and support standpoint.”

    Dan Daley - Chief Operating Officer, PUBLIC Hotels
  • “I used to have 75 people on my staff, but today we only have 28. Why? Because we have incredible partnerships. It’s easier for me to work with one vendor that can cover all my bases, someone I have a strong relationship with. And when I call, they’ll jump on whatever needs to happen.”

    Laurent Bortoluzzi - Revantage
  • “If we had known these features were available, we would have purchased a phone for 100% of the resident rooms, and we would have migrated to Hosted Voice a long time ago.”

    Beth Anacreonte - Validus Senior Living

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In the past, hotel properties generally managed their voice, video, and data networks separately. These inefficient designs might have worked well enough a decade or so ago. But in the age of mobile devices and mobile professionals, every guest that passes through your doors is likely to have more than one device they’d like to connect to your Wi-Fi network. By merging three networks into one, hoteliers enjoy a number of system performance and financial benefits.

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3 Reasons Your Senior Living Facility Should Consider a New Video Provider

In the age of Netflix, high-definition television, and Wi-Fi, video presents a tremendous opportunity to make your residents feel right at home in your senior living community. If your property has been relying on the same television solution for several years or longer, upgrading to a new HD system can go a long way toward delighting your residents by increasing their comfort and giving them more high-quality entertainment options.

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What to Look For in a Brand-Approved Hospitality Technology Partner?

To satisfy your guests and meet their growing expectations, you need to provide in-room technology that is outfitted with all the latest technologies—including IPTV, OTT content, casting, high-speed Wi-Fi, and more. The right data, video, and voice provider will be able to offer turnkey implementation of your brand-compliant solution at a competitive price point that will also be scalable to accommodate your needs today and in the future.

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