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Data Support | 866.368.6310 |

Where can I get a copy of the signed contract? What is my service level agreement (SLA)?

Contact our customer care department at 877.285.5881, option 4, or email

Who do I contact if there is a change of ownership?

Send a copy of a W-9 with the new owner’s information to within 5 days of the sale of the property.

Can I set my account up for autopay?

Yes. Our accounting team can assist with setting up the property’s account with autopay, either through credit card or ACH payment. They can be reached at 877.285.5881, option 3, or

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. We have an online form available on our website here.

I have some billing questions or concerns. Who do I talk to?

Please email or call 877.285.5881 and select option 3.

I need to order replacement parts. Who do I contact?

Email with your specific need and the timeframe of when it needs to be delivered. Note: Shipping parts overnight may incur additional fees.

A group requested that a temporary SSID be created for a special event. Who do I contact?

Please email with your request a week prior to the event.

How do I report a problem with my bandwidth or Internet?

Please email or, for immediate assistance, call 866.892.8240.

I need to make adjustments to be compliant with my brand’s standards. Who do I contact?

Please email your compliance question to


Data Support | 866.368.6310 |

Here is a list of the most common issues and steps that can be taken to correct the issue.

I was informed that I have an access point offline? What should I do?

  1. Check to make sure the access point has power.
  2. Check to make sure all cables on the access point are secure.
  3. Then, power cycle the access point by disconnecting the power for 30 seconds and reconnecting the power.   
  4. Please do not push the “reset” button as that will factory default the device. Note: If you push the reset button, please contact Data Support.
  5. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact Data Support.

I think my Allbridge Gateway Server (AGS) or EthoStream Gateway Server (EGS) is offline, what should I do?

  1. If you think your AGS or EGS is offline, check to see if other devices have Internet access.  If it is just one device having an issue, please contact Data Support.
  2. If multiple devices are not able to connect to the Internet, check to make sure the AGS/EGS has power.
  3. Check to make sure all cables on the AGS/EGS are secure.
  4. Power cycle the modem/router (from your Internet provider) by disconnecting the power for 30 seconds and reconnecting the power.
  5. If Internet access isn’t restored after 5 minutes, please contact Data Support.

Need to order parts?

Email to place an order.

Need to return parts?

Email to request a return shipping label.