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Control & Analytics

Robust System Management & Reporting at Your Fingertips

The Allbridge Management Portal was engineered to work with any CRM or PMS interface, and can be tailored for any hospitality brand or flag. This web-based administrative tool includes the design of the property’s Internet portal as well as creating the experience from the guest room, lobby and meeting room to the guest’s mobile devices. The control and analytics portal offers real-time monitoring of the network and reporting capabilities to ensure optimal system health.


Bandwidth Management

  • Real-time bandwidth monitoring
  • Detailed historical bandwidth reporting
  • Dynamic bandwidth shaping
  • Bandwidth prioritization

Meeting & Conference Space Management

  • Group branded splash pages
  • Custom Wi-Fi SSID’s
  • Group access code management
  • Group bandwidth allocation, monitoring & reporting

Custom Development & Interfaces

  • Custom hotel branded splash pages
  • Custom CRM & PMS interfaces
  • Integration to guest loyalty systems
  • Custom guest authentication methods

Flexible Reporting Capabilities

  • Revenue reporting
  • OS and browser statistics
  • Device and access code statistics
  • Support tickets diagnosis and statistics
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