Todd Johnstone

Todd Johnstone

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Johnstone assumed the role as Chief Executive Officer of Allbridge in January 2021 and brings a wealth of leadership experience to the position. As CEO, Todd leads the corporate strategy and vision for Allbridge, to deliver one connected experience to hospitality and senior living properties and their end-users through the implementation and support of end-to-end technologies.

Prior to Allbridge, Todd was the CEO of Global Knowledge, the worldwide leader in IT and business skills training. In this role, he was responsible for enabling success for Global Knowledge customers and partners around the world, and he drove significant growth in the company’s digital business, overall company profitability, and cash flow.

Todd was also the President of Convergys’ $800M Technology Vertical where he was responsible for service and support for the world’s largest technology companies. He led a team of over 20,000 sales, operations, and support resources in over 15 countries.

Prior to Convergys, Todd was the Vice President of Avaya’s $1.5B Annuity Service business where he led global organizational revenue and growth, client relationships, and program offerings. Between 2012-13, he led Avaya’s Global Sales Operations.

Todd has also worked at General Electric for 19 years as the Senior Executive for GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions Europe, Middle East, and Africa business, based in Barcelona, Spain. Todd held various senior level positions across multiple functional areas, including P&L leader, sales, product management, service, customer care, and finance. Originally from Canada, he has spent 18 years working in Europe (London, Budapest, and Barcelona) and the most recent 8 years in the United States.

Todd holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada and an MBA from the London Business School.

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