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In-Room Entertainment

Innovative & Personalized Solutions

Allbridge has a wide array of over-the-top (OTT) platforms available to deliver a user experience in line with your hospitality, healthcare, or higher education business goals. Our interactive solutions enable the viewer to enjoy hundreds of in-room entertainment options at their leisure. With various delivery and system options, we can design a solution to deliver a standout guest experience.


Allbridge Entertainment

Powered by MCOMS

Allbridge Entertainment redefines IPTV delivering an interactive TV solution with features for guests to enhance their stay including over-the-top (OTT) streaming services, property information and e-Concierge services.

  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • OTT streaming capabilities
  • Promote onsite services and generate additional revenue
  • e-Concierge for guest requests and reservations

Apple TV

Powered by Monscierge

The Apple TV solution is a robust OTT platform that provides the Apple TV app experience and compendium, plus integration with hotel services. It seamlessly integrates with DIRECTV linear programming for optimal delivery.

  • Interactive program guide (IPG)
  • Branded user interface
  • OTT streaming capabilities
  • Showcase local restaurants, attractions and events
  • e-Concierge for guest requests

Allbridge Casting

Allbridge Casting utilizes a Chromecast device in the guest room providing guests with the ability to stream content the same way they do at home. With managed access to the cast devices, there is minimal impact to the existing network infrastructure and staff can monitor guest usage while maintaining guest privacy.

  • Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, and more
  • Intuitive guest experience
  • Wireless streaming
  • Simple two-step setup
  • Guest privacy protection
  • Available for Apple and Android devices

Samsung REACH

Samsung Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality (REACH) is a hardware and software display management solution that enables hoteliers to provide a personalized environment and delivers an interactive experience, while simultaneously improving their own operational efficiency.

  • Compatible with Samsung hospitality-grade TVs
  • Manages in-room content from a single location property wide
  • Enables TV screens to become branded, digital concierges
  • Two-way communication for guest personalization
  • User-friendly application and settings

LG Pro:Centric

LG’s Pro:Centric application offers enhanced features for the guest including a branded user interface and customizable billboards to feature hotel amenities and information. Pro:Centric integrates with our centralized headend solution enabling you to easily manage in-room content.

  • Compatible with LG hospitality-grade TVs
  • Simple system management for property staff
  • Customizable welcome page and billboards to promote hotel amenities
  • Local weather and wake-up call functionality for added convenience
  • Interactive electronic program guide included
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