Proptech is most effective when included in CRE design phase

by Joe Dyton | June 12, 2023


Property technology (proptech) has become a critical and transformative part of commercial real estate in recent years but could be even more valuable if it is implemented early in a property’s life cycle, Don Jensen, vice president of business development for the multifamily and student housing sectors at Allbridge, recently wrote for For Construction Pros.

Compressed project lead times and lower budgets often lead to proptech entering a building project later than it should, according to Jensen. Tech is typically considered after building floor plans have been created, limiting things such as bandwidth, cabling runs, coverage and security systems. Instead, proptech should be included early in the design cycle to ensure that future tenant demands are met.

Given that building a new CRE property often requires an average of more than 30 tech systems, developers are best served to involve a proptech partner during the project’s schematic design phase and budget formulation, Jensen said. Doing so any later than that could disrupt the building project’s schedule and budget. Getting a proptech partner involved early also provides an opportunity to optimize the building’s infrastructure and systems performance.

“Architects can partner with full proptech providers to deliver uniform and well-thought-out designs that will deliver on an integrated, scalable ecosystem for all technologies,” Jensen wrote. “Engaging proptech partners early also allows for consideration of the latest technology trends, system requirements and future demands to ensure maximum performance of that particular building.”

Implementing a solid proptech infrastructure later in the design isn’t impossible, but it is more difficult — and more expensive. Extra labor and work are required to integrate proptech after sheet rock has been laid.


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