AECCafe Industry Predictions for 2023 – Allbridge

By Sanjay Gangal | Tuesday, January 29, 2023

New Survey: The Top PropTech Considerations to Integrate into Hotel Construction and Renovation

The US hospitality industry is making a slow but steady comeback from the pandemic, but it’s having to meet the new expectations of today’s clientele. As guests return, they do so with expectations that hotels have changed. The bar has been set higher–particularly when it comes to the technology available to them when and where they stay. In response, the AEC industry is working with hoteliers to integrate PropTech into new hotel builds and renovations.

It is critical to understand how travelers’ demands are driving changes in hospitality infrastructure. The following conclusions are drawn from a survey of decision-makers in the hospitality industry to better understand priorities that sit at the intersection of PropTech and customer satisfaction.

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