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Enhance the User Experience

Even in an era of cell phones, tablets, and Internet communication, the room phone is still a valuable part of the in-room experience for hospitality and senior living. It allows guests to connect with the front desk when they want to take advantage of services, conduct a conference call, and it allows residents an opportunity to connect with their families. Allbridge voice devices provide comprehensive guest room, common area, and office telephone options. Our partners offer high-quality phone designs and numerous guest-focused options.

Allbridge offers a number of traditional handsets from top suppliers, and will help you select and install the right devices for your property.

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Created for Today’s Interiors

  • Customization options and multiple styles available to match your property and brand
  • Compact footprint and ergonomic build to minimize clutter without sacrificing features
  • Provides a full catalog of analog and SIP technologies
  • Added peace of mind with warranty options
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing network
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