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Staff Safety

The need for improved employee safety measures within the hospitality industry has risen in recent years prompting many markets to implement regulation to protect staff. Allbridge has partnered with TraknProtect in response to the industry demand to bring a safety alert platform onto the property network.

TraknProtect is a portable location device that provides real-time alerts via SMS, push notifications, desktop alerts, or email for housekeepers, maintenance personnel, and room attendants providing services in the guest room. Property owners and operators have visibility into the exact location of all employees carrying the device at any given time.

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Simple & Affordable Options to Enhance Security

  • Location specific tracking provides exact room of the employee upon alert, even as they move
  • Real-time alert updates via SMS, push notifications, desktop alerts
  • Low cost implementation with no extensive cabling or hardwiring
  • Leverage existing Wi-Fi and devices for simple installation
  • Reporting capabilities and analytics provide additional insight to improve security measures


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