K4 Connect. Life Connected.

Boost Engagement for Residents

Reimagine the resident experience to make daily life simpler, healthier, and happier with K4Connect. This groundbreaking platform integrates seamlessly with your Allbridge data network, and is designed specifically for senior living communities to bring resident engagement features and enhanced communication channels into a single, comprehensive network solution, transforming your community into a true Smart Senior Living community benefitting residents, staff, and operators alike.

K4Community App

With K4Community, residents can access a variety of features, including community news and events, family connections, a social feed, smart home features, games, weather, and more.

Community Social Feed
Residents can be more than just informed, they can be engaged with activities, services, and everyone in their community. By using the built-in secure social platform, it’s easy for residents to stay connected with their inner circle by sharing their own photos and updates, as well as meet and engage with new neighbors.

Adding events to the Community Calendar allows residents to easily view, save, and sign up for activities and other events from their device.

Communication Tools
A full range of communication tools are included to keep residents connected to both their loved ones and other residents. The simplified interface includes options to text message, voice call, or use face-to-face chat to easily contact family members, friends. Residents also have access to a community directory where they can find and reach out to other residents in the community.

The Friends & Family companion app not only connects residents and their family members through communication but proactively keeps family members up to date on community happenings and important information.

Signage & TV Insertion

With the easy-to-use digital signage and TV insertion tool, operators can create or upload their own content to share on TVs throughout the community – or directly onto residents’ social feeds, making it easier than ever to share information like daily menus, activities, and services. The scalable tool is fully customizable, allowing you to publish information unique to the destination where it will be displayed in the building.

Team Hub

With streamlined, intuitive features for content, events, and communications, your staff is able to work more efficiently, giving them more time back in their day to spend caring for residents. Whether through the K4Community App, Digital Signage or TV Insertion, teams can “create once and publish everywhere” with the Team Hub tools.

The K4Connect platform and K4Community app integrates seamlessly with Allbridge data network and video solutions, and is available as an additional add-on option to enhance resident engagement.


Other Tools & Insights from K4Connect

Smart Home
Smart Home innovations create a fully responsive environment that residents love and can access directly from the K4Community app. Features like smart lighting and thermostats allow residents to effortlessly control their home settings with the touch of a button, or by using voice commands.

Leveraging data and smart devices empowers residents to take an active role in their health, while providing staff visibility needed to provide the best in hospitality and care. In addition to activities like tracking steps and sleep hours, we can correlate those inputs to potential emotional insights such as event attendance and resident satisfaction.

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