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Wi-Fi Networks & Equipment

Unified, Customized & Secure Connectivity

Allbridge provides robust, reliable, and feature-rich network solutions that allow you to offer the best possible communication capabilities for your hospitality and senior living customers. From facilitating their business meetings to ensuring they will be able to watch a movie on their device, you will need high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi network capabilities and equipment to meet customer expectations.

In addition to helping you achieve optimal satisfaction by providing both wired and wireless solutions, Allbridge develops comprehensive and customized networks designed to meet your front and back-of-house needs. Our team of experts will analyze your existing network, pointing out strengths and deficiencies. We will design a custom solution tailored to your operations and user demographics, helping you deliver dependable connectivity specific to your property’s needs.


Advanced Hardware & Design

  • Enterprise-grade networks equipped with the latest industry standards
  • Scalable architecture to expand with future needs
  • Complete coverage system design
  • Multiple access points configured and managed as one network for improved performance
  • Flexible gateway options with customizable user portal pages

Cloud Management Capabilities

  • Simplified deployment
  • Bandwidth management
  • Custom, branded splash pages
  • Faster troubleshooting

Secure Connectivity

  • User management ensures individuals don’t monopolize bandwidth
  • Guest authentication protects network from unauthorized visitors
  • Visitors required to agree to Terms of Service reducing risk
  • User privacy configurations

Premium Support Services

  • Remote monitoring for increased visibility to the health of your network
  • Remote diagnostic tools to troubleshoot issues
  • 24/7 trained IT professionals to manage and remediate issues
  • Ongoing network maintenance
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