Five Proptech Considerations to Ensure Hoteliers Meet Changing Guest Expectations

By Todd Johnstone CEO, Allbridge | January 2023

The effects of the pandemic on the hospitality industry have been truly transformative.

During this period guests stays – whether transient or planned – fell considerably.

The business conference industry came to a standstill and unsurprisingly weddings dropped off, as well. The industry gradually began showing signs of life and with it came changes to what customers were seeking in their hotel experiences. The effects of the pandemic were so profound that we felt it was important to take a moment to reflect and understand how it had altered the expectations for guests and the hoteliers themselves.

To do this we took a deep dive with decision markers in hospitality to inquire as to how they were responding to new expectations from their clientele. The following conclusions are drawn from a survey of these professionals to better understand the priorities that sit at the intersection of PropTech and customer satisfaction.

1. Convenience and Smart Tech are Top Priorities.

Respondents signaled that tech amenities were among the highest priorities–particularly due to the rise in contactless technology necessitated by the pandemic, and the increasing integration of smart devices in our daily lives.

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